Monday, June 2, 2008

The End Of The Road.... Kind Of

The drive was a great success. For all you there, you know that it was crowded. That may not be as fortunate if you are trying to drop something off, but for us it just meant that our drive was a success.
But the year is coming to a close, and while we have not yet saved the world, we are on the right track. We appreciate you staying with us, dear reader, and we hope that you will continue your support into the future. After a short hiatus this summer, we will be back with even more pollution ass kicking and riding our school of computer-less students. I personally, your host, Wyatt, I will not be back. I have college and the great world beyond looming over me and I will be forced to abandon you against my will. But that aside, McCallum Computers is as awesome as ever.

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