Friday, January 18, 2008

Internet Access

Partnering with Goodwill seems to be working well, and our project seems to be moving along. Our next step is finding an internet provider who would be willing to give free internet access to those we give computers. We are trying to contact many providers, but if anybody knows of anyone in an important position at an internet provider, it would be unbelievably helpful to our cause if you let us go. We have not written in a while, but more is to come soon, now that we are back on track. Enjoy the world, and help us make it better.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

High-Tech Trash

While we have continued our quest to save the environment, we have not been the only ones. National Geographic just posted a great article about computer recycling. It outlines the reasons we have been doing what we have been doing, and why you should join the cause. You may not believe us because we are just students, but now we have National Geographic on our side. Recycling and refurbishing computers is crucial at this point to help good old Mother Earth, and we can not do it alone. Contact us, or Goodwill Computer Works to make a difference.