Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Movement Must Begin Now

Welcome back, dear reader. Sorry for our absence, but the holidays and hard work have kept us from the glory of the blog. We have a logo, and a wiki up and running, as well as a pamphlet and time with goodwill in process. We immediately were in contact with goodwill, but lately they have been slow to respond bu hopefully our partnership will soon be finalized. Other than that, we have just been doing our daily saving the world thing. I personally just saved the endangered species, the spectacled bear, while the rest of the boys have single handedly stopped global warming. I'll be honest with you, that last stint was in fact a lie, for we have not saved the world. We are trying though. And we want you to try with us. Please read this blog, spread this blog, and if you really care, contact us and let us help you help the world. Signing out for today, dear reader, stay classy and stay conscious of the world in need.

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